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Video #1 - The Secret to Your Success as a Holistic Nutrition Expert.

Discover the 3 surprising things that sets apart those who succeed in your field from those who don’t… and steps to have what they’re having, too. Presented by Miriam Zacharias and Nicole Hodson, you’ll learn:

  • Why your "Why" is so important
  • How confidence through competence can make all the difference
  • The importance of tapping into the power of your community

Video #2 - Bringing Holistic Nutrition into the Clinical Setting, Part One

In her first of this 2-part video series, Tammera Karr shares the Do's & Don'ts of setting up a successful practice, including:

  • Understanding your scope of practice so you stay legal and fearless
  • How to effectively communicate with allopathic providers to get referrals, and work collaboratively for optimal client/patient outcomes
  • Best practices in record keeping so you can avoid the pain and the drain

Video #3 - Bringing Holistic Nutrition into the Clinical Setting, Part Two

Tammera Karr takes you deep into the heart and soul of running a clinical practice, including:

  • How to handle tele-medicine and internet consulting without creating a legal landfall for yourself
  • How to stay focused and on top of current research & development
  • Steps to avoid burnout and keep the joy going for the long-term