Which States Require a License to Practice Nutrition?


STAY ON TOP OF LEGAL & LEGISLATIVE ISSUES... your livelihood might depend on it! 

NANP is the leading U.S. trade association that sets the nation’s standards for schools that abide by the highest-quality academic, ethical, and scope of practice standards to which the holistic nutrition professional should adhere. Just as Registered Dietitians (RDs) (who have graduated from accredited universities with specific academic standards) are members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and are entitled to the various AND benefits, graduates from NANP-approved holistic nutrition programs are encouraged to join the NANP for similar reasons. Professional membership in the NANP demonstrates that an individual has graduated from a quality holistic nutrition program that has been vetted and recognized by standards established by an objective 3rd party who sets such standards without “influence” by any one school or program.  

Since the NANP is comprised of only holistic nutrition students and professionals, it’s literally our business to understand you and your unique education, qualifications, and needs.

The truth is that many students and recent graduates don’t often realize that the laws surrounding their work vary from state to state, and ongoing legislative efforts are afoot throughout the U.S. to limit their right to practice.


Our Legislative Affairs Division is here to fight for YOU! The NANP will attend hearings and represent members in their local areas. Our Legislative Affairs Specialist, Laura Waldo can even help train you to become an industry activist, so lawmakers can hear your voice!

Your success is crucial to the NANP’s vision of a future where people choose food as their medicine. The NANP whole-heartedly supports your goal of helping to heal the world through a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach to eating. 

In today's ever-changing landscape of legal rights to practice in each state, you will have peace of mind with full access to the NANP Legislative Affairs Division. Become a Professional NANP member today!

Graduates of NANP-approved schools who choose not to become NANP members should consult with their personal attorney for specific questions relating to their right to practice in their state. Since non-members have not gone through our member vetting process (and haven’t agreed to our ethics, scope of practice policies, among other qualifications); without this kind of validation, providing consultation to these individuals would put our credibility and standards at risk. 

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