A Note from our Executive Director: Nicole Hodson

Our weekly NANP Team Meeting was super-charged today in anticipation of next week’s annual Team Building Excursion. For the past three years, the NANP Team has gathered in one place for a couple of days to strategize about the best ways to support and serve our members and our industry. Since our Team is spread around the country (literally from Nashville to Sacramento!), these meetings are a wonderful way to work on big picture projects and to bond as a cohesive group.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like being in the same place together.

Team building experiences are important in getting everyone on the same page, building trust and effective communication, promoting creativity and getting people motivated. But these benefits aren’t isolated to just team building experiences. Many other types of in-person interactions offer the same advantages – even large group events like the NANP conference can yield comparable results.

But these events only take place annually. What about the rest of the year? Our team uses Skype for Business, email and weekly Team Meetings to stay connected. But how do you, our individual members, working in home offices, small group practices, or health food/supplement stores stay connected with one another throughout the year?

This is a question we at NANP have been working on for years. How can we provide a way for you to get that sense of community all year long? How can we provide a space for the free exchange of ideas, questions about tough cases, the best foods/supplements for specific situations, or anything else you want to talk about? Well, we think we finally found the answer!

Our new Discussion Forum on the NANP website is getting a lot of use. In fact, the breadth of topics posted on the Forum has surprised even us. We couldn’t be happier to see you reaching out to each other for everything from questions about the best meal planning databases to asking for advice in dealing with specific complicated client cases. Our Forum has become THE place to go to ask your peers any industry-related question you may have, with no interference from outside companies trying to get your attention for the latest products and services.

I must admit I get excited every time I see an email notification that a new topic has been posted to the Discussion Forum, or when a reply to an existing post has been added. Here are just a few discussion topics from this month alone:

  • Nutrition after bowel resection
  • Sleeplessness after thyroidectomy
  • NOVA food classification system
  • Meal plan database

Yep! That’s just naming a few. There’s so much more, and I love seeing how our amazing community comes together to problem solve. Talk about tapping into the collective intelligence of our tribe!

So, if you’re an NANP member with a question you’d like to pose to your peers, be sure to go to the Discussion Forum and start communicating. It’s one of the many benefits of your membership and it’s the next best thing to getting together face-to-face. I hope you’ll take full advantage.


P.S… about that annual conference and getting together in-person. Why not plan for it now? Next year’s event is going to be in GORGEOUS Monterey, California. Monterey is a major tourist destination with so much to offer. We urge you to make your travel arrangements early because there are other events happening on the same weekend as our conference. Book your hotel and travel now to make sure you don’t miss out.