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Boost Your Credibility with Board Certification

Becoming Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® or BCHN® demonstrates that you have achieved the highest level of professional recognition and validation of your knowledge and experience in the holistic nutrition industry.  

To earn this valuable designation, you must demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding of holistic nutrition by sitting through a board exam and in documenting client contact hours.

Benefits of Board Certification

Board certification provides you with:

  • Credibility. Board certification indicates that you meet the educational and ethical standards required by a professional credentialing body.
  • Assurance. For your clients, insurance companies, the medical community, and other complementary practitioners, board certification proves that you are aware of and conduct your business within your legal scope of service and standards of professional conduct.
  • Validation of your educational and professional qualifications.
  • Confidence. There is nothing more personally gratifying than knowing you have achieved the highest credential offered in your field!
  • Access. Purchase directly from Standard Process, Designs for Health and other wellness companies.
    “We believe that the NANP board certification represents the GOLD STANDARD in the industry for the holistic nutrition professional; that’s why those with this credential may directly buy from us.”  -Standard Process®

    "I wanted to send this note of appreciation for your fine organization and the contribution it makes to the nutrition profession. I also wanted to particularly thank your organization for the development of your Certification Board Examination."  -Dr. David M. Brady, Chief Medical Officer, Designs for Health, Inc.®

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The Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB) is the credentialing body founded in 2003 as a division of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP).

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