2017 The Scoop Webinar Schedule

August 10, 2017

GI Case Studies and the Gut-thyroid Connection with Dr. Michael Ruscio

Digestive health is the foundation of wellness and having a mastery of this topic is essential for today’s practitioner. In this webinar Dr. Ruscio will provide a distillation of both the medical research and his clinical observations to provide the attendees with simply yet powerful techniques for optimizing gut health. He will also detail the gut-thyroid connection and how digestive impairment can often be the underlying cause of many non-responsive thyroid symptoms.

Learning Objectives:

  • understand how to distinguish between a SIBO relapse versus histamine intolerance 
  • understand the impact of a lower carbohydrate diet on thyroid autoimmunity 
  • understand how to better interpret blood antibody test results for thyroid autoimmunity
  • understand the connection between SIBO and hypothyroid 
  • understand if/when probiotics should be used in SIBO and/or IBS

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September 14, 2017 

Using Live Video to Skyrocket Social Media Engagement, Position You as an Expert, and Build Your Business with Kerry Shearer Live Stream Expert, Social Media Content Creator, Web Video & Communications Professional

Kerry Shearer is an extremely versatile communications professional, with skills ranging from issues management to crisis response, social media outreach, marketing campaigns, audio and video production, news reporting, broadcasting and webcasting. He thrives on helping communications colleagues develop their proficiency and expertise!

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October 12, 2017 

True Cellular Detox: An Answer to a Toxic World with Dr. Daniel Pompa, PSc.D.

The tactics, treatments and downstream detox that improved health in the past do not work nearly as well today because we are sicker and more toxic. The disease epidemic is at the cell, and detox MUST go there to be effective. The increase in neurotoxins is like no time in history. Many of these chemicals are new to our bodies and ubiquitous in everyday life, filling our buckets drop by drop, shutting down natural cellular detox pathways, and even changing our DNA to express disease or unwanted symptoms. Whether it’s weight-loss resistance, hormone dysregulation, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, autism, autoimmune, and even cancer, the answer is to go upstream to the source and address toxicity to achieve restored health. If you don’t fix cellular dysfunction, you won’t get well. More specifically, if you do not detox at the cellular level, you won’t get well. Periodic detoxification is in order for most everyone today, but it must be done right to get results.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding why and how toxins are a root source of modern, chronic illness
  • The problems with most detoxes on the market today
  • How cellular detox can be approached safely and effectively for real results

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November 9, 2017

Client Practitioner Empowerment: Insurance Basics To Serve You And Your Clients with Jenn Malecha

So many people feel stuck in their health because they don’t feel like they have options. They feel as though they are hand-cuffed by their insurance, worry about expenses and overall just feel dis-empowered asking their doctors to run the test that they want. This workshop is designed to educate practitioners and clients about their choices when it comes to taking ownership of their health. It will give participants guidance on how they can become more empowered in their options, whether that means changing their insurance coverage to have more flexibility, just being confident in asking their doctors to run the test they want or finding a health practitioner that will work for them and not against them. By the end of the workshop participants will have a better sense of how to be their own advocate and to feel empowered in the “system.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Empowering yourself and your clients to trust that you know your body and what you need
  • How to take a stand and not get lost in the healthcare system
  • Understanding your health insurance options and how to make them work for you
  • Finding a health practitioner to partner with that works for you and not against you

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